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Kunnisseri Veettil Raman Mani, who performed under the stage name Kalabhavan Mani, was an Indian actor and singer. He was better known by his stage name. When Mani first began his professional career, he was a member of the Kalabhavan comedy company performing as a mimicry artist. Kalabhavan Mani Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $10 Million.

Kalabhavan Mani Net worth and profile in one glance

NameKunnisseri Veettil Raman Mani
BornJanuary 1, 1971
Height1.73 m
Country of OriginChalakudy, India
ProfessionActor, Singer
SpouseNimmy Mani (m. 1999–2016)
ChildrenSree Lakshmy Mani
Kalabhavan Mani’s Net worth$10 Million
How much is the Net Worth of Kalabhavan Mani?

Stepping stone into Kalabhavan Mani Net Worth (Career)

Kalabhavan Mani Biography

He began his career performing imitation with the theatre company Cochin Kalabhavan. He worked as an auto-rickshaw driver to begin his acting career in the Malayalam movie Aksharam.

With the commercial success of the Lohithadas film Sallapam (1996), he achieved his first significant success. Following this, he played comedic roles in a number of films.


In films like Dilliwala Rajakumaran, Manthra Mothiram, Gajaraja Manthram, Katha Nayagan, Mayaponman, and Kottappurathe Koottukudumbam, he played several significant roles.

The audience enjoyed Mani’s comedic performance as Monayi in the 1998 film Summer in Bethlehem.

Manthra Mothiram

After playing a number of comedic roles, the movie Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njaanum showcased his actual acting talent.

Primary source of Kalabhavan Mani Net worth (Acting)

He plays the antagonist in the 2001 film Vakkalathu Narayanankutty. But it was in the 2001 film Rakshasa Rajavu, where he played the part of a dishonest, corrupt politician named Gunasekharan, that his portrayal as a villain first came to light.

Kalabhavan Mani Career

The Guard is an unusual movie because Mani is its sole star. High praise was given for his portrayal of the eccentric, impoverished Kuttan in Karumadikuttan.

With the Jayaram-starring film One Man Show, Mani made a comedic comeback. Mani received appreciation for his work in Valkannadi (2002).

Mani played the character of Appunni, a blacksmith with a history of mental illness, in the vengeance drama.


Chalakkudykkaran Changathy


Mani is renowned for helping those in need in humanitarian ways. LDF reached him and made him an offer to run for a seat in the 2016 Kerala Legislative Assembly election.

He used to campaign for the CPI(M) and other left-leaning parties during elections and had openly admitted that he was a leftist.

Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njaanum

Mani is well renowned for her extensive charitable work for the underprivileged. According to reports, on a typical day, about 20 individuals from less privileged backgrounds used to pay him a visit at home.

As a fundraiser and performer, he had also given money to the regional religious organizations’ festivals and supported the local schools.

Tiger Shiva

Personal life

Kunnisseri Veettil Raman Mani, also known as Kalabhavan Mani, was born on January 1st, 1971 in Chalakudy, Thrissur District, Kerala to Chenathunad Kunnisseri Veettil Raman and Ammini.

He had four sisters: Thankamani, Leela, Santha, and Ammini Jr., as well as an older brother named Velayudan who had passed away and a younger brother named R. L. V. Ramakrishnan who danced.


He attended the Government Boys School in Chalakudy till the tenth grade and the GLPS East School in Chalakudy until the fourth grade.

On September 22, 1999, Mani wed Nimmy, and they have a daughter. He used to operate autorickshaws in Chalakudy.

Along with Cochin Haneefa, his brother, Harisree Ashokan, and Salim Kumar, his brother R. L. V. Ramakrishnan played a cameo part in the movie Bamboo Boys.



On March 6, 2016, at 7:15 p.m., Kalabhavan Mani, 45, passed away. He was in the ICU the day before after being taken to Amrita Hospital in Kochi due to haematemesis (blood vomiting).

The excessive methyl alcohol (a poisonous substance present in illegally produced whiskey, Arrack), acetaminophen, and other factors that led to Kalabhavan Mani’s unnatural death were noted by the police.



In the Indian film business, Kalabhavan Mani is a very accomplished and well-liked actor. It is possible to find inspiration and motivation from Kalabhavan Mani Net Worth. You may also like – Suresh Gopi’s Net Worth.


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