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Sean Connery Net Worth. Sir Sean Connery was a Scottish actor who starred in a number of films. Between 1962 and 1983, he was the first actor to play fictional British secret agent James Bond on film, appearing in seven Bond films. Sean Connery net worth is estimated to be approximately $350 million at the time of his death in October 2020.

Sean Connery Net Worth and profile in one glance

NameSir Sean Connery
BornAugust 25, 1930
Height1.88 m
Country of OriginFountainbridge, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
SpouseMicheline Roquebrune (m. 1975–2020), Diane Cilento (m. 1962–1973)
ChildrenJason Connery
Sean Connery Net worthSean Connery Net worth $350 million
How much is Sean Connery Net Worth?

Sean Connery Biography

Sean Connery Biography

Early life

Thomas Connery was born on August 25, 1930, in Edinburgh’s Royal Maternity Hospital, and was named after his paternal grandfather. He grew up at 176 Fountainbridge, a building that has since been demolished. Euphemia McBain “Effie” McLean, his mother, worked as a maid. Connery’s father, Joseph Connery, worked in a factory and drove a lorry.

Stepping stone into Sean Connery Net Worth (Career)

Early career

Connery worked backstage at the King’s Theatre in late 1951 to supplement his income. Connery earned a small part as one of the Seabees chorus boys during a bodybuilding competition in London in 1953 when one of the contestants indicated that tryouts were being held for a production of South Pacific.

He had been cast as Marine Cpl. Hamilton Steeves and was understudying two of the junior roles by the time the play arrived in Edinburgh, and his pay had been raised from £12 to £14–10s a week.

James Bond: 1962–1971, 1983

Sean Connery Net Worth

Connery’s breakthrough came in the role of James Bond, the British secret agent. He was hesitant to commit to a film series, but he realized that if the films were successful, it would immensely improve his career. Connery played 007 in Eon Productions’ first five Bond films, Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, and You Only Live Twice, between 1962 and 1967.

Connery returned for the seventh film, Diamonds Are Forever, in 1971, after leaving the role. Never Say Never Again, a 1983 remake of Thunderball produced by Jack Schwartzman’s Taliafilm, was Connery’s final appearance as Bond. Commercially, all seven films were a hit.


Beyond Bond

Connery was bored of the part and the burden the franchise put on him, despite the fact that Bond had made him a success, saying “I have always despised that damned James Bond” and “I am fed up with the entire Bond thing.”

I’d like to assassinate him “.. Michael Caine had this to say about the situation: “In those early days, if you were his buddy, you didn’t bring up the issue of Bond. He was and still is a much greater actor than James Bond, but he became identified with the character. ‘Look, there’s James Bond,’ people would say as he walked down the street. He was particularly irritated by this “.

Sean Connery's Net Worth

Personal life

Connery dated a Jewish “dark-haired beauty with a ballerina’s form,” Carol Sopel, during the making of the South Pacific in the mid-1950s, but was warned off by her family.

He then began dating Julie Hamilton, the daughter of feminist and documentary filmmaker Jill Craigie. Given Connery’s gruff appearance and rough charm, Hamilton first despised him and was not attracted to him until she saw him dressed in a kilt, at which point she declared him to be the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.

Maxine Daniels, a jazz vocalist he met at the Empire Theatre, was also a mutual fascination for him. He made a move on her, but she informed him that she was already married and had a daughter.

Political views

Connery was a financial and personal supporter of the Scottish National Party (SNP), a center-left political party pushing for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. When the UK Parliament introduced rules restricting abroad sponsorship of political activity in the UK, his funding of the SNP came to an end in 2001.

Net Worth of Sean Connery


Connery died peacefully in his sleep on October 31, 2020, at the age of 90, at his residence in the Lyford Cay neighborhood of Nassau, Bahamas. His death was revealed by his family and Eon Productions; while the cause of death was not disclosed, his son Jason stated that he had been sick for some time.

Connery’s wife, Micheline Roquebrune, revealed a day later that he suffered dementia in his final years. A month after his death, TMZ received Connery’s death certificate, which revealed that he died of pneumonia and heart failure, with a time of death of 1:30 a.m. After his death, he was cremated, and his ashes will be dispersed in Scotland at a later date.


Sean Connery is a well-known and brilliant actor in Hollywood and the United Kingdom. The Sean Connery Net Worth serves as a source of motivation and inspiration. Also, check out – Ben Stiller Net Worth.


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