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Mickey Rourke Net Worth. Philip Andre “Mickey” Rourke Jr. is an actor, screenwriter, activist, and former boxer from the United States who has predominantly starred in the drama, action, and thriller films. Mickey Rourke Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $10 Million.

Mickey Rourke Net worth and profile in one glance

NamePhilip Andre “Mickey” Rourke Jr.
BornSeptember 16, 1952
Height1.8 m
Country of OriginSchenectady, New York, United States
OccupationActor, Boxer, Screenwriter, Music supervisor
SpouseCarré Otis (m. 1992–1998), Debra Feuer (m. 1981–1989)
ChildrenPhilip Andre Rourke, Sr. Annette Addis
Mickey Rourke Net worthMickey Rourke Net worth $10 Million
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Mickey Rourke Biography

Mickey Rourke Career
Mickey Rourke Biography

Early life

Philip Andre Rourke Jr. was born in Schenectady, New York, on September 16, 1952, to Annette and Philip Andre Rourke. His father was of Irish origin, while his mother was Scottish. He was reared as a devout Catholic and continues to do so. Mickey’s father abandoned the family when he was a child.

Rourke, his younger brother (Joey), and his sister (Patricia) moved to South Florida after his parents divorced and his mother married Eugene Addis, a Miami Beach police officer with five boys. He attended Miami Beach Senior High School and graduated in 1971.

Stepping stone into Mickey Rourke Net Worth (Career)

Mickey Rourke Career
Mickey Rourke Career

Amateur boxing

Rourke mostly concentrated his concentration on sports during his adolescent years. At the Boys Club of Miami, he began self-defense training. He learned boxing skills and opted to pursue an amateur career there.

Rourke won his first boxing contest at the age of 12 as a 112-pound (51 kg) flyweight, fighting under the name Phil Rourke in several of his early bouts. He resumed his boxing training in Miami Beach, Florida’s fabled 5th Street Gym.

Rourke sparred with former World Welterweight Champion Luis Rodrguez in 1969, when he weighed 140 pounds (63.5 kg). Rodrguez was the world’s number one middleweight boxer, and he was preparing for a fight against world champion Nino Benvenuti. Rourke claims that his sparring session with Rodrguez resulted in a concussion.

Primary source of Mickey Rourke Net worth (Acting)

Mickey Rourke Acting
Mickey Rourke in Iron Man

Rourke had a modest acting role in the school play The Serpent, directed by Jay W Jensen, when he was a senior at Miami Beach Senior High School in 1971. Rourke, on the other hand, was more interested in boxing and never appeared in any more school performances.

Rourke’s acquaintance at the University of Miami told him about a play he was directing, Deathwatch, and how the man playing Green Eyes had quit. Rourke landed the part and grew enthralled with the craft of acting almost instantly.

He traveled to New York with $400 borrowed from his sister, working a variety of odd jobs while training with Actors Studio alumni Walter Lott and Sandra Seacat.

Professional boxing career

Mickey Rourke Boxing
Mickey Rourke Boxing

Rourke concluded in 1991 that he “had to go back to boxing” because he was “self-destructing” and “had no regard for himself as an actor.” Rourke went undefeated in eight fights, winning six of them (four by knockout) and drawing the other two.

He fought in countries such as Spain, Japan, and Germany on a global scale. Rourke had a number of injuries during his boxing career, including a broken nose, toe, and ribs, a split tongue, and a compressed cheekbone. Short-term memory loss was also a problem for him.


Return to acting

Rourke was offered and turned down the role of Butch Coolidge in the early 1990s, which was subsequently played by Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction.

Mickey Rourke Net Worth
Mickey Rourke Net Worth

Rourke accepted supporting roles in a number of 1990s films after retiring from boxing, including Francis Ford Coppola’s adaptation of John Grisham’s The Rainmaker, Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo ’66, Steve Buscemi’s Animal Factory, Sean Penn‘s The Pledge, and Sylvester Stallone‘s version of Get Carter.

Rourke has also authored a number of films under the name Sir Eddie Cook, including Bullet, in which he starred alongside Tupac Shakur.


Rourke portrayed the major villain Whiplash in the film Iron Man 2 in 2010. He revealed that he prepared for the part by visiting Russian jail inmates in an interview with Rip It Up magazine.

Mickey Rourke's Net Worth
Mickey Rourke Net Worth

He gained recognition for his role as the wicked King Hyperion in the 2011 film Immortals, which received mixed-to-positive reviews and was a box office success. In Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, he played Tool, a tiny role. Despite his limited screen time, his performance was praised and named as one of the highlights of the picture.

Personal life

Terry Farrell and Sasha Volkova are among the celebs Rourke has dated. He’s been married twice, but he doesn’t have any children. He married Debra Feuer in 1981, whom he met on the set of and who played his love interest in Homeboy (1988).

Rourke later stated that producing the film 912 Weeks “was not especially sympathetic to my wife’s needs” after the marriage ended in 1989. According to a 2009 interview with Feuer, the two have remained excellent friends.

Mickey Rourke Personal Life
Mickey Rourke Net Worth

Carré Otis, who co-starred with Rourke in Wild Orchid, was briefly a celebrity after the film’s release due to claims that she and her then-lover shot an unscripted sex scene. On June 26, 1992, Otis married Rourke. Rourke was arrested in 1994 on charges of marital abuse. Later, the charges were dropped.

Although the pair reconciled and acted in Exit in Red together, their marriage terminated in December 1998. Beauty, Disrupted: A Memoir, an autobiography about Otis’ marriage to Rourke, was co-written by Otis and writer Hugo Schwyzer and released by HarperCollins in October 2011. Rourke was arrested for the second time in November 2007, this time at Miami Beach on DUI charges.

Mickey Rourke
Mickey Rourke Acting in Iron Man

Political views

Rourke claimed in May 1989 that he had donated the majority of his £1.5 million profit from the film Francesco to Joe Doherty’s campaign for political asylum in the United States.

Doherty, a Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) member, was wanted by British police in 1980 for his role in an M60 machine gun ambush in Belfast, Northern Ireland, that killed a member of Britain’s elite Special Air Service.

Net Worth of Mickey Rourke
Net Worth of Mickey Rourke

After taking a prison official hostage and participating in a shoot-out with officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, Doherty was captured and charged with his role in the attack, but he fled with seven other inmates. Doherty was finally imprisoned in the United Kingdom, but under the conditions of the Good Friday Agreement, he was released.


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